Vassel's Main Street Catering

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Full Service Catering for Discriminating Tastes
Canton | Ann Arbor | Metro Detroit

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Chocolate Dipped StrawberriesIt is not quite breakfast and not quite lunch, but a brunch buffet from Vassel's Main Street Catering is guaranteed to include the best of both.

Petite salads on trayFrom simple sandwiches to delicious finger foods, the lunch menu offerings from Vassel's Main Street Catering are sure to please any crowd.

Corporate Catering MenusThese menu options are catered specifically to corporate events.

Health-consciousOur health-conscious menu provides delicious and healthy offerings complete with calorie, fat, carbohydrate, and protein tallies.

Man GrillingThe best way to enjoy a hot summer day in Michigan is with a picnic table full of delicious food that is hot off the barbeque.

Salad AssortmentThe salads menu from Vassel's Main Street Catering offers all the traditional salads you would expect plus several offerings with a twist.

Caprese SkewersAny good meal starts with a little something to whet the appetite and the appetizer selections from Vassel's Main Street Catering are sure to do just that.

Baked Rainbow TroutThe dinner menu from Vassel's Main Street Catering includes offerings perfectly suited for a formal evening, complete with plated service and roaming beverage refills.

Shrimp ShotsThe theme menu from Vassel's Main Street Catering includes carefully selected entrees combined to form a unique dining experience for your guests.

Petite Sandwich DisplayWhen you plan a party for mingling guests, the strolling station menus from Vassel's Main Street Catering are a perfect match. Each station offers varied appetizers that are sure to please any crowd.

Specialty Buffet OfferingsFor dinner with a twist, build your party menu from our specialty buffet selections. This category offers some of the very best mouth-watering entrees Vassel's Main Street Catering has to offer.

Specialty Buffet OfferingsFor completely custom buffet menus, browse the 'all occasion' section of our menu. This wonderful selection offers something for everyone and integrates perfectly into the plans for any occasion.

Dessert TableThe perfect end to any meal is a visit to the dessert table. From custom sheet cakes, strawberry creme tortes and fudge cake to cookies, brownies, and candies, our dessert offerings are always a crowd-pleaser.


Dessert Tray