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Appetizer Packages
Vassel's Main Street Catering

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Full Service Catering for Discriminating Tastes
Canton | Ann Arbor | Metro Detroit

Appetizer packages offer you nearly unlimited options in building your perfect menu. Build your feast with any number of delicious appetizers from our extensive menu.

  • Sliced and served with sliced roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & mini dinner rolls.

  • Stuffed with spinach, onion, pine nuts, bleu & cream cheese, & served with crusty baguettes and herbed mayonnaise.

  • A popular assortment of sandwiches on fresh baked mini rolls – attractively presented on a tray.

  • A fabulous shrimp salad stuffed into a French baked mini baguette & topped with a tail- on shrimp and fresh sprig of dill.

  • Our own recipe bratwurst meatballs, gouda cheese sauce, braised red onion, & red cabbage topping on a mini roll.

Finger Food Buffet