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Theme Picnic Catering Menus
Vassel's Main Street Catering

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Full Service Catering for Discriminating Tastes
Canton | Ann Arbor | Metro Detroit

Take your event to the next level by complementing your party theme with your menu. Theme menus include Hawaiian Luau, The BBQ Feast, and more.

  • Includes:

    St. Louis-style BBQ ribs

    BBQ bone-in chicken breasts

    Burgers & buns

    Hot dogs & buns


    Corn on the Cob

    Texas garlic bread

  • Includes:

    Skewered pineapple pork kabobs

    Teriyaki chicken breast

    Burgers & buns

    Hot dogs & buns

    Fresh fruit salad

    Assorted rolls

    (Upgrade to skewered shrimp kabobs!)

  • Includes:

    Lamb or beef kabobs

    Chicken kabobs with peppers & onions

    Rice pilaf

    Greek salad

    Pita bread

    Chop tomato & onion

    Tzatziki sauce

  • Includes:

    Seasoned steak & chicken breast

    Grilled peppers & onions

    Mexican rice

    Cheddar cheese

    Sour cream



    Warm tortillas

    Add a Southwest Station - seven layer dip, pico de gallo, nacho chips, & hot queso, Ole!

  • Includes:

    Pulled pork or BBQ beef

    Grilled BBQ chicken

    Mac & cheese

    Creamy coleslaw

    Corn muffins

    Apple or peach cobbler

  • Bratwurst burgers topped with melted Gouda cheese on pretzel buns

    Grilled chicken schnitzel

    Assorted smoked sausage

    Braised red cabbage

    Apples served with warm German potato salad

  • St. Louis-style BBQ ribs

    Apricot-glazed chicken or island spice shrimp skewers

    Baked potatoes & toppings

    Field green salad

    Rolls & garlic toast

    Hot dogs & buns for the kids

Vassels Main Street Catering